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i feel sorry for the teenagers in 2300 who need to study more history than we already need to

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Anonymous: You have a boyfriend?


Anonymous: How do you keep your skin so clear!? Geez man I break out sometimes.

wash yo face!

Anonymous: Yu look older than what you are. I thought you was 15 or 16


Anonymous: sh your perfect like no joke!!

aww thank you!!

but you’re*

Crush <3


So my crush, he’s shy, cute & 1 year younger than me ::D. I’m so afraid to tell him that i like him, because i’ve known him just like for two months?. & i talk about him like all the timee, cuz he’s so freakin cuteee, funnyy & i can talk to him likee about everythingg!, well not about everything, but yeaah that’s all wanted to say :D!

go tell him before it’s too late

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